Our Goal Is Simple...


Our Price Policy is Simple...

The Price You See Incudes...

Customising your design.


Delivery Insurance.


We will always give you the best price for an equal quality banner.

We guarantee that you will enjoy your collaboration with Us!

30cm x 60cm

45cm x 90cm

60cm x 120cm

75cm x 150cm

90cm x 180cm

30cm x 30cm

45cm x 45cm

60cm x 60cm

75cm x 75cm

90cm x 90cm

$150 AUD

$220 $200

$360 $330

$500 $430

$630 $550

$140 AUD

$160 AUD

$250 AUD

$300 AUD

$340 AUD

$99 AUD

$150 $140

$250 $220

$340 $310

$400 $370

$89 AUD

$110 AUD

$170 AUD

$250 AUD

$270 AUD

We have been providing quality custom art pieces to our valued Clients for several years now.  Over this time we have perfected our processes, our print quality and our impeccable customer service.

We can assure you of a few things that might help to ensure you that your trust in Arthouse Tram Banners is well placed.

We Promise ...

You will receive a free design proof at no charge and no obligation direct to your email,

You will get great service from friendly staff,

You will find us knowledgeable & helpful,

Our renowned HP vivera inks will not fade,

Our cotton canvas is bright white and of premium quality,

Our 420 GSM cotton canvas is the thickest quality canvas available,

We will ship your piece by registered and insured post.


if there are any problems with the quality of your purchase when it arrives,  it will be replaced - no questions asked.

Crisp, Fadeproof Canvases

We use the renowned Hewlett Packard (HP) VIVera Inks for all our printing because HP is the market leader in archival pigment printing and have been for years.  These archival inks resist fading for decades and produce bold stable prints.

Some companies have started using inexpensive no-name inks for their printing.  This is one more reason we think your trust is well placed with us!   We guarantee our fade resistance.  If our prints fade,  we will replace them!

We use archival pigment ink prints, using fine art Hewlett Packard Giclee printing equipment.  This is the same printing process used in museums and photographic galleries around the world.

Some companies use toxic, solvent-base non-archival ink and low-resolution sign writing printers to make their prints.  The difference is like chalk and cheese.  You will notice the difference as soon as you open up our custom made shipping carton and view your new artwork.

The Spraying Process

Non-archival solvent-based printing does not have to be sprayed because it is not water soluble.  Unfortunately, it is typically “temporary ink” that soon fades (there’s always a catch).  Archival inks like the ones we use are water soluble pigment inks and need to be sprayed to afford scuff protection and fade-resistant qualities.

The spraying protects your print from scuffs, adds a level of additional UV protection, makes your colours deeper and richer.  It also ensures that your Arthouse canvas is resistant to dust, moisture and stains.  

We think you should avoid any company that does not spray their canvases with 3 coats of a liquid laminate.

Feel free to call us if you have any quality related questions.  We can guarantee that you are buying a quality print product from a company experienced in all phases of creating custom art to satisfied customers.



Prices are inclusive of delivery to all metropolitan areas but a small fee will be charged for delivery to non-metro areas.

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